VBS 2017 – Hearing and Listening for God’s Voice Posted September 12, 2017 by Staci Calkin


All throughout the summer, Source of Light accepts missions teams to come and hang out with the kids and teach them about Jesus. From July 17-24, a team from Coastal Community Church in Virginia Beach stopped in to conduct a Vacation Bible School called Kairos Quest. With eager hearts and lessons planned, the team jumped into action, excited to teach the kids more about God and His plan for us.

My team and I wanted the kids to take away some big ideas during VBS: how to recognize when God is talking to us, what to do when God reveals himself in big ways, and how to take action based upon the way that he stepped into our lives. Each day, the drama team took on stories from the Bible to display what Biblical characters look like when God steps in. They taught the kids about Samuel, Joseph and Queen Esther. Likewise, our game team got them up and moving with games that further added to the story, such as musical chairs, blind obstacle courses, and fun water games. Our craft team included constructive crafts to go along with the story, such as homemade Playdough, telephones with plastic cups, and hidden messages that would soon reveal themselves on white paper.

During the week, we poured the big ideas into the kids every moment we got. As exciting as games, crafts and fun dramas can be, we pray that the kids took away the good news that God had in store for them that week; that He wants to step into their life and encourages them to lean into Him when He does. We built relationships that will last a lifetime, and instilled messages that will follow the kids for an eternity!

Written by Becca Moore – Coastal Community Church, Virginia Beach, VA

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