Teacher Training Posted September 24, 2018 by Staci Calkin


In June we had the opportunity to facilitate a teacher training for the teachers from Source of Light School and Capva School located in Citè Soleil.  The focus of the training was creating an engaging classroom environment. The teachers engaged in activities to become familiar with building relationships in their classrooms, creating a welcoming and safe environment and engaging students in active learning. The teachers were able to gain firsthand experience with implementing morning meeting in their classrooms.

The week began with an overview of the components of morning meeting  On the days to follow the teachers had a morning meeting to begin each day and we ended the week observing students engaging in morning meeting. Teachers were also trained on active learning and engagement. They learned about different types of learners and then created activities to engage that type of learner. Teachers also learned about using different graphic organizers to engage students in learning. One example of a graphic organizer that was introduced was the K (what I know) W (what I want to know) L (what I learned) chart. Using this method, the teachers taught us about different kinds of fruit in Haiti and we taught them about winter. It was a great learning opportunity for all.

The teachers were a very fun and engaging group to work with. They were willing to try new things and engage in hands on activities.  They were excited to go back to their classrooms to implement the strategies and activities we presented to them.  It was a pleasure to spend the week with them and it will be exciting to see how these techniques and tools will be implemented in the classrooms.

Written by Kristy Genung, West Lynchburg Baptist Church