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SOL girls II


Interested in helping the Source of Light Center in general? Your donations will greatly assist the ministry of the center. Donate now!


Thank you for your interest in the children at the Source of Light Center! We desire to see them grow up to know their God-given potential, to receive an education, to be in a safe environment, and to have their basic needs met.

The goal is to be able to release them into adulthood ready to impact their community with Christ’s love. Your commitment to the children and your contributions to their support will make life changing differences for each child at the Source of Light Center.

From the very beginning of this journey with the Haiti Baptist Convention, the goal of the Source of Light Center is for it to become self-sustaining. That means it eventually would be able to pay its own bills as well as provide for the orphans who live there full-time.

Progress has been made over the years and as the Source of Light Center continues to work toward that goal, we are helping through the sponsorship of the children.

After intense evaluation of the costs we have a breakdown of the current, actual expenses for each child.


Purpose Amount Note
Education $54 tuition, fees, uniform, books, notebooks, etc.
Food $54 three meals per day
Clothing/shoes $2
Personal hygiene $12 Includes laundry
Medical $3 Annual medical and dental exams
Recreation $2 park/playground entrance fee, 1 birthday party
Staffing $29 House mothers, cooks, launderer
TOTAL $156

The BGAV currently provides $16 per child/per month which leaves a balance of $140 per child/per month that we would like to raise through sponsorships.

We have the following levels of sponsorship:

$140 $70 $35 $20 $15

Any amount received as a donation for the children will be used for the purposes mentioned above regardless of whether or not it is a monthly sponsorship.

Pastor Ronel often emphasizes the dream that the children grow up to be a Source of Light in all of Haiti. Thank you for your continued care of these children and for investing in this future.  Our desire is to be transparent as we walk together along this journey.  If there are any question or concerns please feel free to contact us at craig.waddell@bgav.org and liahna.woodard@bgav.org.

Interested in sponsoring a child? Contact Liahna Woodard!